Beware of the Muslim Candy Clown?

08.17.10 Marina Galperina

It’s not just Trustocorp that’s popping up with art inspired by the lower Manhattan Islamic community center: an anti-tolerance painter gets on the news by making this “piece” depicting the evils of Islam as… a peppermint-baiting werewolf clown?

Self-proclaimed “John Q. Public” imagines Manhattan to be a “battlefield,” so constitutional rights don’t apply.

CBS also interviewed a father of a fireman that died on 9/11 and asked him if the strip-clubs and porno joints surrounding WTC don’t bother him. “I’m not for all those buildings, but, you know, they didn’t murder my son. Muslims murdered my son,” he says. And not strippers, presumably. It’s sad to see the memory of 9/11 victims tainted by hate and anyone who can say “I hate all ____s” and consider themselves patriotic.

Here’s your tangent antidote: Anti-xenophobic street art in the South West. With maracas!