Big For Chi-town Kids This Spring: Khakis And Kevlar

04.27.10 Copyranter


You know what’s never, ever funny? Innocent children getting shot dead. Never ever, unless you’re the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence and their ad agency Y&R Chicago. In the Windy City this year, more than 150 kids have been shot, over 25 of them dead, according to the ICHV. The ad copy reads:

“The vest fits snug, while leaving arms and hands free to raise in the air for that “don’t shoot, I’m innocent” stance.”

The second ad in the campaign features two young girls in vests with the headline “Alive On Arrival,” according to the Chicago Sun-Times. the copy for that ad is even funnier/cringe-ier:

“Whether it’s just a bit chilly or raining bullets, this cozy vest is sure to protect your child from all the elements.”

The posters will soon be going up at 50 bus shelters around the city. They will certainly raise gun violence awareness, while not lowering gun violence, I’m afraid. They quite possibly will increase the sale of size-small bullet-proof vests, though. |Image: Chicago Sun-Times|