Prince Harry Nude Snaps
Discussed By Big Time Art Critic

08.27.12 Marina Galperina

Here’s a little radio ditty with Brian Sewell, “Britain’s most famous and controversial art critic” who  his appraisal of the naked photos of Prince Harry leaked from his little Vegas shin-ding American getaway that really pissed off the Royal fam and were splattered all over The Sun. It’s quite insightful commentary, indeed. See why the contrapposto, the rhythm, the certain classical tone to his posture make it decidedly arty, with the same sentiment as a painting. Also, it’s not shocking.

It is too pretty to shock. It is not about proudly waving his willy about, which would mean something entirely different.

Now then. Those proper accents make all kind of intellectual bullshittery so quaint, so quaint. Rather enjoyable though, this one.