Bill Gates Condom Contest Announces Winners

11.21.13 Kyle Petreycik

Earlier this year, Bill Gates announced a contest open to the public — design a new and improved condom and get $100,000 in funding if you win. The motivation behind this contest was pretty simple: If condoms were further advanced from their current designs sex would not only more enjoyable but much more safer for all parties involved.

Yesterday, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced that eleven proposals out of a total of eight-hundred-and-twelve were to receive $100,000 and quite possibly an additional $1 million in funding if their designs are developed further and eventually put into production. Examples of the winning designs include a condom that’s composed of a combination of cow tendon and fish skin as well as an unusual “wrapping condom” that “clings like Saran Wrap rather than squeezes.”

The foundation would like to stress that this is not a winner-take-all competition and urges competitions to work together if needed.

 There’s not one magic bullet. The idea is making them easier for people to use in the moment, in the dark, whatever situation they’re in.