‘Blankness Is Not a Void:’ Holes and Cut Money Stacks

05.02.11 Marina Galperina

What do Raymond Pettibon’s ’80s punk scribbles and Scott Campbell’s skulls cut out of currency blocks and painted inside ostrich eggs have in common? “Death, love and sex.” As natural as it is to groan over such a general theme, there’s a definite mood and oppressively monochromatic unity in this group show that “encourages viewers to re-evaluate American ‘low’ culture.”

If it wasn’t for Steven Parrino’s dark panels that take “uncontrollable nature” and “total freedom” as far as cosmic penis jokes, you’d choke. “Blankness is Not a Void,” Scott Campbell, Steven Parrino, Raymond Pettibon, Apr 29 – Jun 4, Marc Jancou Contemporary, NYC