Block Anyone and Everything With a Magical Blissful Ignorance Plug-In

12.05.12 Marina Galperina

Tired of Chris Brown stories, tweets and snarly faces? Spend all your day on the internet and want to avoid you-know-who? Thanks to net artist and developer Greg Leuch (of F.A.T. collective, etc.), there is Pop Block, the magical la-la-la-la-la-I’m-not-listening plug-in.

Self-censor your daily internet experience! Cover up any trending meme and malady — text or image — with a comforting censor bar! Go without looking at any specific gent or lady’s byline and internet visibility for a day or two! Yey.

We chatted with Leuch:

After releasing Shaved Bieber, the browser extension to block Justin Bieber from the internet, I’ve received hundreds of requests to make blockers for various other celebrities and events. Instead of making these themed blockers, I decided it was time to let the users decide what they wish to block. Now, they can blocking anything, from sports to politics, from pop stars to their friends.

Of course, this is the beginning for Pop Block. There are a slew of other great features in development that will excite and surprise many, turning Pop Block beyond novelty and into a great browsing utility.

Thanks, Greg! The grumpy pants, the buzz-over-fed and those suffering from social [network] anxiety thank you.