Both Voina Artists Sentenced to Another Month in Prison

01.14.11 Marina Galperina

Despite some of Russia’s most respected cultural figures, curators and historians testifying in support of Voina activist Oleg Vorotnikov, the artist has been sentenced to another month in prison, just like Voina’s president. They are being held until February 24th without bail.

According to Voina’s official Twitter, there was no actual evidence brought up by the prosecutors on how operation Fuck It! constitutes a hate crime against the police. When the defense brought up the violent details of Voina’s arrest and the fact that the artists weren’t even read their rights or told of the reason for said arrest, the court seemed to shrug it off. UPDATE: Human rights activists assisting the trial called this a very “political” process, as if it’s 1977. As Yana Sarna of Voina clarifies to ANIMAL, this is still a pre-trial, not a trial.

Since the judge extended Oleg and Lenya’s term of pre-trial incarceration and declined bail (half of Bansky money for each?), the actual trial is once again delayed.

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(More photos: Vladimir Telegin)