Breaking: People Drink Alcohol in NYC

10.15.13 Andy Cush

The New York Post‘s latest big scoop: people in New York City like to drink, sometimes multiple drinks at a time! I’ll allow you a moment to recover from this truly shocking news.

It’s true, under a headline claiming “20% of NYers are binge drinkers,” the paper is reporting that 56.7 percent of the city’s residents have had at least one drink in the past 30 days, and that–say it ain’t so! –twenty percent have had at least four or five in one sitting this month.

They asked an expert for comment, who delivered this revelatory news:

Substance-abuse counselors warn that the uptick is alarming because alcohol, if abused, can lead to other risky and self-destructive behaviors. Unlike other drugs, though, alcohol is ingrained in the culture, legal and widely accessible.

“Drinking alcohol is socially acceptable. It’s legal. It’s cathartic. It’s used for celebration. It’s used for sorrow. Drinking alcohol has become mainstream behavior — and it’s big business,” said Luke Nasta, director of Camelot Counseling Centers.

Wait, since when is booze legal?