Breaking: Teens Are Pretty Much Okay With Weed

12.19.12 Andy Cush

A new study from the National Institute of Health confirms a truly shocking truth: that many American teenagers smoke weed, and that even more feel like toking up every once in a while isn’t particularly harmful. Forty-five percent of high school seniors polled said they’d smoked weed in the past year, 23 percent reported smoking in the past month, and most tellingly, the majority of all teenagers asked–51.7 percent–believe that occasional use of the plant is not dangerous.

Of course, the NIH and its National Institute on Drug Abuse division used the study as an excuse to drum up weed paranoia in the wake of Colorado and Washington’s recent legalization efforts. “We are increasingly concerned that regular or daily use of marijuana is robbing many young people of their potential to achieve and excel in school or other aspects of life,” said NIDA director Nora D. Volkow. “Marijuana use that begins in adolescence increases the risk they will become addicted to the drug,” she added.

(Photo: Travis/Flickr)