Brooklyn Bar: Enough With the Babies…After 5PM

02.17.10 Cajun Boy


Just about everyone knows that if there’s one thing that can just kill the atmosphere in a bar, it’s a goddamn baby! Well, that and the asshole who plays Barry Manilow songs on the jukebox, but I digress. Anyway, a bar in Windsor Terrace has had enough of the baby-in-bars menace and is putting its foot down: No more babies in the bar…after 5pm. Wait, what?

According to the Post, The Double Windsor on Prospect Park West in Windsor Terrace is laying down the law.

We are Windsor Terrace and Park Slope parents like everyone else,” (Owner Jeff) Switzer said. “But the bottom like is that this is a bar, and most of our customers feel like it’s not an appropriate place for kids after hours.”

A sign outside the bar informs customers that “No one under 21 years of age allowed after 5 p.m.” It further reads, “Don’t get us wrong, we love kids (especially yours).” So far, Switzer said, the bar has not had to enforce the policy.

Ahem, shouldn’t the ban on babies be during ALL hours that the bar’s open? Aren’t there laws prohibiting this sort of thing? Don’t these people know what can happen when you drink with babies? Haven’t they seen Crazy Heart? Apparently not!

Local dad Jake Rockowitz said that while he agrees that strollers take up too much space in a bar, Double Windsor’s cutoff time is a bit early. “Seven or 8 p.m. is more fair. That’s when kids should go to sleep,” he said.

Good grief.

Photo of interior of Double Windsor via Eater’s Flickr