Buff Monster’s New Toy Machine

11.15.13 Kyle Petreycik

Brooklyn-based street artist Buff Monster recently debuted a modified gumball machine that’s full of hand-cast resin toys, created in NYC in collaboration with PK Shop. The work features two different machines, each of which is filled with designs from one of two series. The first is Ice Cream Resin Heads which includes original, zombie, devil, and skull designs. The second machine includes Melty Misfits Cheap Toys which riff on the designs of Garbage Pail KidsCheap Toys series from 1985.

When asked about potential buyers, the artist mentioned that the machine will not include an unlock key, forcing any potential owner to spend some extra cash if they wish to fully experience the work. Fans can also buy individual toys using custom Buff Monster tokens.

“They’re constantly dealing with that question of ‘Do I keep the token, or throw do I throw it into the machine and see what I get?,’ Buff Monster told ANIMAL.

Take a look at Buff Monster’s Artist Notebook here.

(Images: Buff Monster/ Yossera Bouchtia/ANIMALNewYork)