Built to Spill’s ‘Perfect From Now On’ Masters Just Sold on Etsy

12.04.13 Andy Cush

Today in bizarre music memorabilia: the Etsy user  apparently just sold off the master tapes to Built to Spill’s landmark 1997 album Perfect From Now via the popular craft marketplace. No word on how much money they went for. From the Etsy description:

Incredibly rare. It’s not everyday you come across a piece of real music history. These are the only master tapes for this album. One of a kind, these are not recorded from album to tape. These are the original master recordings for Built To Spill’s 1997 LP Perfect From Now On. These are recorded to 4 count 1/2″ Ampex Gold Studio Masters. However not every track on the album appears here and vice versa. They contain the initial studio recordings without remaster, mixing, and overdubs. Pre-engineered and mixed by Warner Brothers. This is the raw studio recording. Highest grade tape and reels. These are breathtaking! If you’re a fan of BTS or Northwest music, consider this, it’s like finding the the “Velvet Underground” of Idaho’s unreleased acetate. Thanks for looking. Check back often, we add new stock daily to our shop.

I’m selling these as a document to the making of an album, I do not claim to own the rights to the music contained on these reels and am selling the reels as found objects.

God knows how these things even ended up in ElliottBayVintage’s hands (assuming they’re real), and congrats to whoever scooped them up. I’d rather be listening to this than sitting at Ian Curtis’s kitchen table.