Butt Paste Mogul Profiled By Withered Jewish Shrew

09.02.09 Cajun Boy

1347100So you’re probably twiddling your thumbs at your desk wondering what to watch tonight, right? Well here ya go: Tonight on TV Land, Joan Rivers profiles Louisiana pharmacist George Boudreaux on How’d You Get So Rich? On the show, Boudreaux invites Rivers onto the “Buttmobile,” his appropriately-named 40-foot luxury RV that Rivers’ spotted while it was parked across the street from a famed New Orleans restaurant she was dining in:

“She was having brunch at Commander’s Palace and came out and saw the ‘ButtMobile’ and ran out and beat on the side of it and wanted to know how we got so rich. Then she came in the ‘ButtMobile’ and she was really, really excited about.”

DVR. Set.

And, in case you’re wondering, I have actually used Boudreaux’s product (Everybody’s grandma has it in their medicine cabinet back home!). It’s primarily marketed as a diaper rash ointment but is amazing on any sort of skin irritation. Even better, the package makes for a great conversation piece when you take home a new lover and they see it sitting on your nightstand! So there.