Buy a NY Condo, Get a George Condo
(Or a Jean-Michel Basquiat)

11.12.13 Marina Galperina

Aby Rosen has just opened up a combination Art Gallery and Real Estate Office at 530 Park Avenue. The mogul with an “aesthetic approach towards real estate” is selling apartments at $2.3 million-$10 million… But wait, there’s more! You can also purchase some major art works like Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Hoax or George Condo’s Girl With Night Gown right from the office. Something to furniture your new apartment with why not?

“It’s by-the-way art,” Rosen tells the New York Times. “It’s O.K. to put a plant in front of a piece of art.”

In fact, Rosen has art laying around everywhere! Some Warhols behind the desk. A Murakami over there in the corner. It’s all for sale! “I have zero issue with parting with something.” It’s just art stuff.

“Everything that I own is for sale – other than my wife and kids.” You sure you don’t want to sell that stuff too? Can we make you an offer though. You sound like a real businessman.