C Train Named Worst In City…Again

08.01.12 David Lumb

Regardless of which subway authority you ask, the C train still sucks. It tied for last place (with the 2) in last year’s survey, but dug deep to sink firmly into the honor as worst subway line in the city for 2012. The C, said MTA spokesman Charles Seaton to the Bloomberg wire, doesn’t take into account trains that share its line up on the wait time marquees, and the C line’s cars are among the oldest in the fleet. Luckily, this will change, says Seaton: they’ve got 300 cars coming “in a few years” which will phase out the older C cars.

By contrast, this year’s winner–the Q line–beat out last year’s champ, the J/Z line. Unlike the C’s rattling dinosaurs running down West Manhattan to Brooklyn, the Q “provided clearer announcements, better seat availability, cleaner subway cars and fewer mechanical delays than the majority of its peers.” Here’s to improving the local ride down the West Side, C line. Eventually.

(Photo: Mike Knell/Flickr)