Canadians Holding the WTC’s Glory Hostage

10.17.12 Andy Cush

A Quebec steel company is holding the new World Trade Center’s antenna for ransom. ADF Group, the firm that constructed the 458-foot-tall piece, says it’s missing $8.2 million in invoices that were due over a year ago, and it wont deliver until they’re paid. “We’ve just about finished making the antenna but it will remain here until our invoices are paid,” said Jean Paschi, head of ADF, adding, “at some point, business is business.” As Raw Story points out, the antenna weighs over 700 tons and must be delivered by boat–and if it isn’t delivered before the St. Lawrence River freezes, delivery will be impossible to until spring. The towers owners, which include the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, recent filed a lawsuit against ADF. Don’t those Canadians know that without the antenna, Freedom Tower will never reach 1,776 feet, its gloriously heavy-handed ultimate height?

(Photo: Chris Devers/Flickr)