Cannes Award-Winning Animal Testing Video: Artsy? Or Fartsy?

06.29.10 Copyranter


Art and Animals, two staples of ANIMAL New York, come together in this video for Deutscher Tierschutzbund (German Animal Welfare Association) titled “a peace of mind.” It won a “Film Craft” gold lion at last week’s Cannes Advertising Festival. Let’s examine the craft of this film by Grey in Düsseldorf.

I know nothing about art, but I do know something about ad awards, having judged a few New York ad shows years ago. (I killed, literally, everything that was put in front of me. The organizers didn’t like that.) So, here’s a live blog of my judgmental notes as I watched the video: poor cute cadged graphically-appealing monkey; string music always good for “sad”; I don’t get that spine thing; oh, man has ape face; man barfed another man; back to graphic sad cute monkey; OK, I guess torturing animals = torturing ourselves. Hmm. I’m left wanting. Nicely produced though. |Video: coloribus|