Cassette, The Documentary

01.24.12 Marina Galperina

tapeEver wonder why the cassette made a comeback, as it sounds comparatively shitty and wait, they still make those? Well, learn up with this here Cassette: A Documentary Film in progress as various industry and cultural talking heads assure you it’s “not necrophilia” to like tape.

Yes, this deserves a little Kick, just like that other tape doc. Looks like it’s aiming to prove that cassette revivalists aren’t “deliberate obscurists” — there’s just lots to do with the medium. No mention of mixtapes and experimental music yet, but let’s give the lads a chance to get into all that and hope they do. Aesthetic hook’s already there via that nice-looking HD footage of tapes and tapes and tapes.

Could use a little staged skit about some young ‘un seeing the mainstream-outmoded media format for the first time. Just kidding. Fuck that.