Charge Your Phone on These Stationary Bikes

11.07.12 Andy Cush

David Krawczyk and Navjot Kaur hope you never have to deal with a dead phone again. The two designers are planning to place free, public stationary bikes around New York, each of which is hooked up to a dynamo and set of chargers–so when your phone runs out of juice, you can simply find a bike, hook it up, and pedal. They’ve created one such bike already, which they’re prototyping around the city (find them on Twitter if you’d like to try it out), and are hoping to fund a fleet of their Charge Cycles by raising a cool 50 grand on Kickstarter.

Krawczyk and Kaur hope to place their bikes all over the city. “The Charge Cycle covers tourist spots, business districts, in addition to leisure destinations for family and friends,” they write. “Some locations include parks (where there are no outlets) and waiting spots (i.e. bus stops) – a prime time to add a charge to your dying phone.” An accompanying app would help you locate the bikes whenever you needed a boost.

Unfortunately, there’s no plan in place to make the parts available to put on your own bike–except to Kickstarter backers who give over $500 (alternatively, you could just get one of these for a fifth of that price). While the the idea of the stationary cycles for non-bikers is nice, it’d be nice to be able to charge as you ride, as well–plus sales of the parts would be a nice source of cashflow for the company.

If funded, Charge Cycle hopes to launch in New York by May 2013.