Chess Art Makes Chess (Slightly) More Exciting

09.21.12 Lily Streeter

A series of chessboards created by artists such as Tracy Emin, Damien Hirst, Tim Noble & Sue Webster and Paul McCarthy is currently on view at London’s Saatchi Gallery . In this photo set by Happy Famous Artists, you can see that each board is an expression of the artist’s personal style–Barbara Kruger’s board features bold red and black shapes, for example, and Damien Hirst’s consists of sterile medicinal bottles. Commissioned by the RS&A society, the project was inspired by a similar venture undertaken by London gallerist Julien Levy, who commissioned such artists as Max Ernst and Marcel Duchamp to create chessboards in the 1940s. While certainly, uh, unique, some of the chess boards are so abstract they would most likely be impossible to play on. Which is just fine, apparently–according to the Guardian, Hirst doesn’t even play chess.

(Photo: Happy Famous Artists/Flickr)