Chicago Breeding Highly Trained Vandals

03.22.11 Bucky Turco

For the past 20 years or so, the city of Chicago has been battling graffiti without any kind of great success and some would argue that its efforts have backfired altogether. Instead of mitigating vandalism, their polices are conditioning a more committed type of writer. It’s basically become a training ground where toys drops off quickly while the elite flourish.

The New York Times reports on the ramifications of the city’s anti-graffiti policies:

[T]he anti-graffiti strategy — deploying crews called graffiti blasters to quickly erase or blot out painted surfaces — has imposed a kind of natural-selection process in the graffiti subculture. By discouraging all but the shrewdest and most determined practitioners, the city and county have inadvertently contributed to making Chicago a vibrant hub of graffiti activity, according to experts.

(Photo: Maxwell Colette/flickr)

Some bonus video below of L train bombings below: