Children 404: This Documentary on Russia’s LGBTQ Youth Is Illegal

10.24.13 Kyle Petreycik

Millions of LGBTQ children and teens currently living in Russia are now the targets of violence, harassment and abuse, following President Putin’s crackdown on LGBTQ people of Russia. The law forbidding Gay Rights activism and acknowledgement as “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations to minors,” effects those minors tremendously and one of the only support groups is the illegal Children 404.

The important new documentary film about Children 404 follows the story an eighteen-year-old student named Pasha as he’s continuously harassed at school and will feature the stories of several other youths as well. The anonymous documentary filmmaker behind the project has contacted several LGBTQ activists and filmmakers from the United States and Canada in hopes of acquiring additional funding for this documentary, illegal in Russia.

Ryan Conrad, one of the creators of this IndieGogo campaign will be acting as an intermediary by collecting and distributing all acquired funds to his anonymous colleagues in Russia who cannot legally request funding from within the country to create the film. Take a look at the trailer above and feel free to donate to the campaign here(Image: Children 404