R.I.P. Chinatown Garbage Taxidermy Tour

03.31.11 Marina Galperina

Last night, performance artist Nate Hill lead a small crew on the last Chinatown Garbage Taxidermy Tour of The Best Art Show of 2011 and we’ve got the visuals (be glad they’re not in smell-o-vision). The crew scrounged through trash, confounded locals and spiritually connected with frog heads, strings of guts and puffer fish parts. Photos below.

Though some restaurants have started to hide their trash timed to Nate’s arrival over the course of the month, we hit the jackpot at the fish market street. Granted, there was usually a wider variety of specimens to sculpt with – and more people to sculpt them into art – but it was a merry, goopy taxidermy session. None of us will ever look at discarded organisms (and organs) the same way again. (Photos: Marina Galperina/ANIMAL New York)