Chinese Pirates Attack Space Nazis

09.09.11 Marina Galperina

As the crowd-sourced/crowd-funded production of dark, satirical sci-fi comedy Iron Sky prepares for an April 2012 release, the indie film has already fallen victim to shameful plundering by the China-based gaming company Ziiso. They’re peddling an iPad App IRON SKY game featuring stolen tagline, imitated characters and plot, but the money they’re making off dooped fans isn’t going to Iron Sky at all.

This is really shitty, because the indie production is going to rely on official merchandizing. They even went as far as editing the Iron Sky Wiki page (now amended). The director Timo Vuorensola says: “It’s not only an intellectual property grab, but a downright scam.”

Feel free to tip off piracy@apple.com. We’re sure they’re already none too pleased with infringement at the moment, ahem ahem, fake Chinese Apple stores.