City Council/Mayor Ignore the People, Disrespect the Juice Crew

03.24.11 Bucky Turco

Just like they did with extending terms limits—despite two overwhelming referendums—the City Council and the mayor have once again neglected the will of their constituents and voted to rename the Queensboro Bridge aka Queens Bridge aka the 59th Street Bridge after former mayor Ed Koch.

It’s expected to cost about $4 million, but officials said no public funds will be used. However, the majority of New Yorkers still think it’s a dumb idea.

If Koch, who was giddy over the measure passing, wants something named after him, that’s fine… he just has to die first. (Photo: Jabi Zabala/flickr)

Btw, out of all the good reasons to not support this foolish undertaking, here’s the best one: