City Cracks Down on New Museum’s Nudie Tank, Slide Next?

10.31.11 Marina Galperina

Mixed signals much? NYC would love you to visit Carsten Höller’s “Experience” exhibit at the New Museum, promoting it on their website as the top event of the season. Yet, officials they say the sensory deprivation Psycho Tank is against the health code and the slide might be “unsafe.” Buzz killers.

It’s a popular, inner-child-nurturing little show, but the alleged jet-assisted nude bumping that took place in the super salty hot tank is against the NYC Department of Health. The precautionary release form wherein the dippers promise not to sully the art installation with communicable diseases isn’t enough. Now, it’s one a time only, please! No fun.

Beware, signature Höller slide enthusiasts. They don’t care how giddy you get while bruising. The legality of this particular fun thing is currently under investigation. Maybe even the many-mirrored carousel. Boo.