City Human Rights Commission Gets Its Own Anti- “Savage” Ads

10.11.12 Andy Cush

New York City’s Human Rights Commission is the latest group to respond to Pamela Geller’s controversial “anti-jihad” subway ads, which have been accused of equating Muslims or Palestinians with “savages.” The commission announced it would run ads that read, “From many countries, one city,” in several subway stations as early as next week. Several religious groups, including Rabbis for Human Rights-North America, the Sojourners, and the United Methodist Women have also run ads, but this marks the first time the city has gotten into the fray since the MTA originally attempted to block Geller’s ads from going up. The Human Rights Commission has previously run the “Many countries, one city” ads on bus shelters, but is re-publishing them in subway stations in the wake of the “savage” controversy.