'Clip': The Serbian Teen Sex Film Shaking Up Rotterdam

02.03.12 Marina Galperina

teenclipThe Rotterdam Film Festival’s audience is split on Maja Miloš’ Clip film and whether it’s an exploitative nightmare or a revelation. The film is dark, very sexually explicit and shot on cellphone cameras by the actors. The actors are all 14, 15 and 16 years old.

“The film shows very explicit sex acts as a matter-of-fact part of the teens’ lives,” and since they’re minors, the 28-year-old director is semi-getting away with it by assuring that “We used body doubles, prostheses, effects. We had it really planned.” We see she’s mining some risque territories with her slew of eager “actors” — oh so shockingly drinking, drugging, sexing it up a backdrop of modern day Serbia’s vast social problems. The lo-fi POV medium itself is intriguing. It’s when the director shoots herself mugging at the camera through her dramatically draped hair, it gets a little cringe-worthy. And then she says shit like this:

“I tried to work with 18- and 19-year-olds and that was just a completely different generation. They didn’t give me that rawness. When I just saw the 14-and 15-year-olds, I knew that was where my film was. They are really fresh. They have real life examples in their surroundings, they knew what the film was about.”

Yes, there’s nothing weird about a 28-year-old broad hanging around tweens who are rubbing their thonged asses at each other. Nothing at all… As far as the pornographic nature of the film? “For me it would be pornographic NOT to show that.” All justifiably concerned cringing aside, it could actually be an emotionally devastating revelation of brutal reality and bold film-making. It sounds promising. Not so sure about that US release though.

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