Cold Resistant Super-Roaches, Coming Soon to an Apartment Near You

12.09.13 Andy Cush

The AP is reporting that a cockroach species that’s never before been seen in the U.S. has been spotted on the High Line. Entomologists say it’s not a cause for great concern, but one of Periplaneta japonica’s attributes stands out: unlike ordinary NYC roaches, it can survive in freezing cold.

“There has been some confirmation that it does very well in cold climates, so it is very conceivable that it could live outdoors during winter in New York,” Jessica Ware, a biologist at Rutgers. “I could imagine japonica being outside and walking around, though I don’t know how well it would do in dirty New York snow.”

Experts believe the bugs, which were first spotted by an exterminator last year, made their way to the High Line in the soil of some imported plants.

(Photo: Wikipedia)