Company Sues Anti-Piracy Firm for Incompetence

08.05.09 Bucky Turco

SOMALIA-PIRACY-SHIPPING-EU Tyco Telecommunications recently filed a suit in Manhattan federal court against K&M Global Security Solutions, for being morons, but specifically for failing to protect their cable-laying ships. The vessels were operating off the Horn of Africa and headed for the coast of Somalia. Worried about events surrounding the Maersk Alabama, and promises by Somali pirates to take revenge on ships flying the American flag, the company hired the anti-piracy firm for $1 million. Bad idea. According to the complaint they were total amateurs. What went wrong? Everything!

  • No show: They company couldn’t arrange visas for its international crew of mercenaries leaving them “stranded in Istanbul, 1,000 miles” away.
  • No gear: The anti-piracy team “failed to procure weapons, safety gear, night vision goggles and other equipment…”
  • No boat: Unable to secure an “adequate escort vessel,” these guys were so assed out they tried to hire a tugboat. When that failed, they went for their next best alternative, a ship from Iran, which “would have violated the U.S. embargo unless a special temporary license were secured from the U.S. Treasury Department.”


Photo by Pierre Verdy/AFP/Getty Images