Coney Island: Let’s Use That $2 Million for Hurricane Relief,
Shall We?

12.05.12 Andy Cush

Some Coney Islanders are resentful of a plan that would put $2 million towards relighting Luna Park’s longstanding (and defunct) Parachute Jump attraction, festooning it with what Borough President Marty Markowitz called “enough bling so it can be seen from outer space.” These residents believe that money might be better spent towards something else: restoring civil services like libraries, police, and the post office, in the wake of one of the greatest natural disasters our city has ever seen. However, Community Board 13’s Parks and Recreation Committee, which oversees the money, voted recently to go forward with funneling it towards lighting up the amusement park ride. Maybe it’ll be some kind of beacon of hope for everyone who’s still without power?

CB13 member Todd Dobrin who was one of the board’s dissenting voices, likened the project to “buying a Cadillac when you can’t afford a bicycle.”

(Photo: Barry Yanowitz/Flickr)