Confused Bruce Willis Is Confused, the Supercut

10.05.12 Marina Galperina

Hey, if you were launched back and forth through time and nearly escaped a rapist “gimp,” you’d be plenty confused too. Here’s a supercut of the best of Bruce Willis mid his signature wha? huh? and slow, contemplative, upwards eye-rollAnd the jazzy background music is perfect.

Woah, Willis is really good at looking lost. It’s not a static, passive “lost” either — sometimes, it’s an aggressive “lost,” pumping with testosterone and inertia; sometimes it’s brimming with near existential despair as he emits little gurgling sounds form the seabed of his deep confusion. Endearing!

Supercuts are great. Thanks for isolating and amplifying this particular element of Bruce’s acting. Not as good as Nicholas Cage freaking the fuck out however. That’s just utter bliss. And Nicholas Cage does John Cage? Forget about it.