Convening of UN Overshadowed By Traffic Noise

09.19.11 Bucky Turco

Today, diplomats and world leaders—assuming they can get their visas approved—converge on New York for the annual convening of the United Nations, but discussions of conflict, communicable diseases, and other items of global significance doesn’t seem to be important according to the media.

The real story, for them, concerns the few hours of traffic it causes for the next few days and how badly resident of Turtle Bay complain, which has now become a bonafide custom.

It’s no wonder there’s been serious discussions about moving it out of the country altogether to a location where the people won’t bitch like clockwork every freaking year and unpopular despots can find a hotel without it becoming an international incident.

As New Yorkers, shouldn’t we be honored by this cosmopolitan convergence and not bothered by the small amount of inconvenience it causes? Losing this significant body of dignitaries to a place like Dubai would be a blow to the spirt of New York City and something we can’t afford to happen because a section of First Avenue gets clogged every now and then. ‘

(Photo: Strannik45/flickr)