‘Crazy 4 Cult: 4’ Film Art Extravaganza Madness

07.02.10 Marina Galperina

Glen Brogan, Pee Wee (2010 Show)
Los Angeles Gallery 1988‘s fourth annual film fan art exhibit “Crazy 4 Cult” unveils July 9th, with 100 artists rendering their cult faves with love. Preview this year’s Pee Wee and Wonka and cruise around some of the best from last year

Highlights: Boschian collage of Seven Deadly Sins panel (that’s Jesus Quintana polishing his bowling ball with “Pride”) and The Reading’s huddle of cult directors (but that’s not Frances Ford Copola, it’s Silent Bob).

“Crazy 4 Cult: 4,” Group Show, Jul 9 – Jul 30, Gallery 1988, Los Angeles