Crazy Person With a Knife Gunned Down by NYPD Cops, Chaos Ensues

08.13.12 Bucky Turco

Some guy with a death wish who was brandishing a knife while walking crazily through Times Square was killed by police on Sunday afternoon after they say he refused to drop the weapon and lunged at them. The incident reportedly started when two officers attempted to question him about a joint he was smoking. As you can see in this recently uploaded YouTube video, a crowd of spectators with cell phone cameras — some of which were later confiscated — quickly formed and proceeded to follow the increasing mass of NYPD officers as the pursuit continued south on Seventh Avenue. Then all of a sudden, gunshots rang out and people running away from the scene. The man was later identified as Darrius Kennedy aka the Times Square Ninja, a 51-year-old arrested multiple times for the very thing that sparked this whole ordeal: weed. And that’s what makes this story really sad.