Crazy Russian Car Crash

07.11.11 Marina Galperina

libyaHere’s the CCTV footage of one of Moscow’s notorious speeders who recently tried to pull a Fast and the Furious, mis-swerved and ended up plowing up a row of parked cars into a pile of overturned, smoking debris. Watch ’em explode into the air.

Amazingly, no one reportedly got hurt. State Automobile Inspectorate refused to comment on the crash. Here’s the result:

(Click to enlarge).

The black Nissan GT-R was allegedly seen speeding at 125 miles per hour or 200 km/h — which is most like a figurative figure — as regaled on the Russian blogosphere — which is most likely a pile of tall tales. Anyways, the visuals speak for themselves. Wroom wroom, comrade.

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