Crime Evidence from WTC to Be Enshrined at Bush Library

11.25.11 Bucky Turco

The George W. Bush library will feature a mangled memento of his ultimate failure with the installation of a twisted beam from the World Trade Center. According to engineers, this particular piece of steel took a direct hit from one of the planes that crashed into the buildings.

Although most of the columns were quickly carted away and recycled after the September 11th attacks—to the consternation of experts hoping to examine them long before the so called “Truther” movement began—a certain amount of the beams were preserved and distributed to communities throughout the country. The library is scheduled to open in 2013, but there’s still no word on whether the notorious “Reading Mastery” workbook (which includes “The Pet Goat”) will make it into the collection or where the iconic “Mission Accomplished” banner will hang.