This Crochet Tribute to Invader’s Snow White Is Already Gone

11.06.13 Marina Galperina

“I can’t believe it came down so quickly,” London Kaye tells ANIMAL. “I put it up yesterday!” The Southern California expat affixed her crotchet-tribute to Invader’s LES Snow White piece on her lunch break. It didn’t last long on that fence in the Meatpacking District. “In the past, pieces have stayed up for months! Oh well, it happens. Even if it made one person smile, I’m happy.”

The cheery 24-year-old started out crotchet-bombing trees in her neighborhood. She was inspired by meeting Brooklyn artist Olek. “I work at an Apple store. She came in to buy a computer and she had a crochet bag and I thought, I could do this. I do this every second I’m not working.” Soon, she realized she’d rather incorporate existing images. ANIMAL first noticed Kaye’s fuzzy Breaking Bad tribute to Jesse Pinkman. Invader was a natural fit.

Her first tribute to Invader went up two months ago, way before the New York Invasion began and before Banksy-mania served as catalyst to rampant street art stealing. 

“I’m always looking for great things that would translate over to crochet,” Kaye says. “And all his art is colorful squares! I’m such a big fan. I just love it.”

When asked if what she does is street art, she replied, “I like to think so.”

She was stopped by the cops before — once when putting up a Heisenberg face on the bars of the entrance to the subway — but she’s prepared, always carrying scissors to cut down her piece if worst comes to worst. Her usual tactic with the NYPD? “I smile.”

(Photos: ANIMALNewYork/London Kaye)