Cronenberg Jr’s Antiviral Trailer: Metal-Grate-Face Is The New Stomach-Vagina

08.09.12 Marina Galperina

“From the Mind of Brandon Cronenberg,” from the sperm of David Cronenberg, here’s the first real trailer for Antiviral and my, it feels familiar. Feels like The Brood and Dead Ringers and Videodrome and all of dad’s signature body horror themes, but with a layer of gloss so thick, that kid’s going to need a bigger needle.

I mean, Dad’s not going full horror anymore, even though we’ve got high hopes for Metropolis, so let the 32-year-old Canadian fill that void

The Cannes “darling” flick is set in the near future where obsessed fans dine on human flesh cloned from their favorite celebrities and get infected with their diseases to feel close to them.

The intriguingly sickly fellow is Syd March (Porn name alert!) played by Caleb Landry Jones and he’s smuggling a very rare swanky celebrity disease. I’m explaining this to you because the trailer is rather choppy and is trying to scare you with its swift cuts. Oooh. Choppy chop chop.

The intro is downright cheesy, the whole thing feels like a goth perfume ad and naturally, nepotism accentuates all the immediately apparent flaws, but let’s see it anyway. IFC Midnight should be bringing it to us later this year.