Cronenberg: Cosmopolis Is An Occupy Wall Street “Documentary”

05.30.12 Marina Galperina

“We were shooting scenes of anti-capitalist riots in the streets of New York, and then reading about anti-capitalist riots in the streets of New York, and the Occupy Wall Street movement,” David Cronenberg says, bragging about accidentally catching the zeitgeist.

“To our surprise, and it was a complete coincidence, we felt we were suddenly shooting a documentary,” because you see, he was working on the dystopian Manhattan epic before Occupy was cool. The Odyssey-esque 12-year-old DeLillo book’s riots are more rap related, apparently.

Also, Robert Pattinson was cast because he’s the right age, can speak American, and fits the budget. He “can’t understand” the plot of the film. “I kind of still, I watch it and I want to imagine something else, and I guess that’s how I was trying to play it, like just imagining something as something else the whole time, and not being able to identify it.” He’s fantasizing he’s devirgining love-lorn womens and impregnating them with imortal blood parasites. That makes sense.