‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Live at the 92Y

07.08.11 Bucky Turco

Last night, the 92nd Street Y hosted a Curb Your Enthusiasm discussion featuring Larry David, Susie Essman, Jeff Garlin and surprise guest Cheryl Hines. Before the talk began, audience members watched a prescreening of the new episode that airs this Sunday on HBO and all I can say is L-O-L.

The event was moderated by NBC’s Brian Williams, who along with the rest of the panel, was funny as fuck. Check out this poorly shot, but audibly sufficient footage of the news anchor’s opening schtick wherein he proclaims: “I am Brian Williams and I’m the house goy of the night.”

Somer other notable soundbites:

“If everybody likes you, you’re doing something wrong.” -Larry David when asked how he feels about people who don’t take to the show.

“A person could die and I wouldn’t be as unhappy.” -Larry David on what would happen if he lost his BlackBerry, which has now taken the place of his paper and pad to jot down new ideas.

“The breath is always good. I’m gonna get cancer from all the spray I use, but…” -Larry David getting assurance from his cast mates that he has good hygiene.

“The media can go fuck themselves … But not Brian Williams. You’re floating above the sea of shit, you’re in the tower.” Jeff Garlin explaining his disdain for the mainstream media, while singling out the night’s moderator.

“To be on Richard Lewis’ email list is a thing of beauty.” -Susie Essman talking about the comedian’s manic and neurotic email habits.

“When people say my wife is just like you, I think to myself: You poor motherfucker.” -Susie Essman on the things strangers say to her when they see her in public.