Cyclists Ride to Remember Pedestrian Victims of Car Crashes

10.15.13 Andy Cush

To raise awareness about the danger posed by cars to pedestrians, and the NYPD’s refusal to investigate many crashes, a group of cyclists rode around the city Sunday, marking spots where children have been killed by cars. The cyclists, part of the transportation advocacy group Right of Way, used simple chalk outlines to commemorate the victims.

Transportation Alternatives recently released a report showing just how urgent this issue is, and how the NYPD might do better to resolve it. Read the whole thing here.

“The deaths of these New Yorkers are tragic and are preventable,” TA Executive Director Paul Steely White said in a statement. “Just as our City has made it a priority to tackle gun violence, the next mayor needs a serious plan to address traffic injuries and deaths. We encourage the NYPD to use its limited resources more effectively by focusing on those violations most likely to lead to injuries and fatalities.”

(Top photo: C Jill Reed/Flickr, Bottom photo: Barbara Ross/Daily News)