Dalí Art Thief Mails Back Stolen Painting

07.02.12 Marina Galperina

Remember the brazen thief who sauntered into the Venus Over Manhattan gallery, distracted the security guard and slipped out with a $150,000 Salvador Dalí in broad daylight? Well, they got it back. By mail. With a tracking number and everything.

An email tip let the gallery know that the drawing was on its way back from Europe. The 11-by-14-inch  Cartel de Don Juan Tenorio was received by the Kennedy International Airport via Express Mail on Friday.

Aw, what happened? Was it a change of heart?  It isn’t as easy to black-market a Dalí as it is to swipe it? Was he even planning on selling it? Or did he do it FOR THE SEXUAL THRILL??!!!

Whatever this was, it was kind of nice.