Damien Hir$t Changed Hi$ Mind

12.14.11 Marina Galperina

Back in 2008, ingenious plagiarist, snatch decorator, and hobbyist drug counselor Damien Hirst declared that he shall no longer be making candy-color dot paintings. Panic ensued. In a 2-day Sotheby’s grab-a-thon, 21,000 visitors swiftly rushed to buy up hundreds of Hirst-works for $200.7 million (cha-ching), especially those rare, extinct dots because there isn’t going to be any more, gasp!.. Guess who’s making dots again?


Only recently did Hirst profess that he has “moved on” and “definitely done enough” dots, spots, spin-paintings and corpse menageries, but you can see a grand retrospective of his spots and dots at all 11 Gagosian galleries, Jan 12 – Feb 18, across the world. Simultaneously, there’s more dots a’comin’ because Hirst has had a signature “change of heart.” The dot paintings sell at $100,000 – $1.8 million.

Connect the dots! Let’s go shopping!