David Paterson Doesn’t Give A F#ck

02.19.10 Cajun Boy


Remember a couple of weeks ago when all sorts of rumors were flying about a salacious expose that the New York Times was working on about Gov. David Paterson. Are he and his wife swingers? Is he a drug addict? Is there a lovechild with a mistress? Well, not that these things all couldn’t be true, but the “bombshell” dropped last night and it essentially boils down to this: David Paterson doesn’t give a fuck.

Reports the Times:

Mr. Paterson, as he has said, never asked to be governor. But from the time he succeeded Eliot Spitzer nearly two years ago, he has said he is dedicated to the job and intent on winning it in his own right this fall.

On the eve of his election kickoff, however, interviews with dozens of current and former aides, legislators and friends reveal significant criticism about Mr. Paterson’s management of the state and of his election effort.

Those interviewed describe the governor as remote from the most seasoned people around him, and increasingly reliant on people whom he feels comfortable with but who lack deep experience in government, including his former driver, David W. Johnson, and his former Albany roommate, Clemmie J. Harris Jr., who retired from the State Police on disability a decade ago and has been appointed special adviser to the governor.

Blah. I was really hoping for sex in a trailer park with a pancake house waitress. Tiger has set the scandal bar impossibly high.