Flash Drive ‘Dead Drops’ Installed in NYC’s Holes

11.09.10 Marina Galperina

Dead Drops is NYC’s new “anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in a public space.” Artist Aram Bartholl cemented USB flash drives in and on walls, poles, curbs, crevices and cracks of the city. Here’s a fresh “how to” video.

This is cool, even if you don’t want to pop your comp on a tip of a flash drive that’s mysteriously sticking out of a wall… because it looks like a reverse glory hole. Admire the concept!

DIY and soon we’ll all be dropping and finding files all over the place! Dead Drops has already dropped by the river in DUMBO, under a Union Square metro stop’s public phone, in the gaping rumble on the side of the New Museum and more. Berlin-based media artist Aram Bartholl is doing this for his NYC residency at EYEBEAM and because he’s a damn digital optimist.