Deadly Bikes Banned from Liberty Plaza

11.28.11 Bucky Turco

Liberty Plaza is a shell of its former self. Gaining entry into the quadruple barricaded, privately owned public space is now harder than getting into 1 Oak. The list of banned items includes large bags, skateboards, chairs, and bikes, the last two of which can be used as weapons according to Brookfield’s private security team and the NYPD.

I shot some video yesterday of the gatekeepers on the north side, one of only two access points, both of which are heavily monitored by bouncer-type guards. Listen and learn how both chairs and bikes can both be used to hurt people in the event of “a mass hysteria.”

Also, gotta love how the white shirt tells me I can lean my bike up against the barricade and then I remind him that’s not allowed, and he agrees.