Death Grips X MoCA:
There Goes the Magic Cosmic Super Phallus

10.22.12 Marina Galperina

When MoCA announced its plans to dominate YouTube, we were optimistic but we didn’t expect them to jump full throttle into the game with a collaboration between animator Galen Pehrson and the shouting-at-me-from-my-strangely-erotic-nightmares rap group Death Grips. Alright, MoCA TV. Alright.

Watch. The moment that bubbly membrane bursts out of this poor humanoid chick’s head and spirals off into space morphing into a brain-capped fleshy rocket, it’s in the bag. So, anyone surprised the animator’s last ditty El Gato was a collaboration with James Franco, Devendra Banhart and Jena Malone?