Deranged Simpleton Leads Hilarious ‘Uprising’ to Thwart Obama’s Homocommunist Health Care Reform Plan

11.05.09 Cajun Boy


Yesterday on Fox News, America’s other retard wingnut princess, Michele Bachmann, called on all of her fellow tea-bagging wingnuts to scrape up a few pennies from behind the Dorito-stained Lazy-Boy in the double-wide, hop on a Greyhound bus and join her on the steps of the Capital so they could all storm the building and violently force the traitorous pinkos in Congress, aka the new Kremlin, to vote against Obama’s homocommunist health care plan. Bachmann said: “This is the Super Bowl of Freedom this week. Socialized medicine is the crown jewel of socialism. This will change our country forever.”

Well, the “Super Bowl of Retardation,” as Wonkette calls it, went down today, and, of course, utter retardation ensued. Perhaps no one moment from today better captures the stupidity of this “uprising” and the people leading it than the clip below of Rep. Todd Akin. Watch in stunned amazement as Akin delivers a fiery oration on the awesomeness of the Pledge of Allegiance and how the awesome term “under God” is contained within it, only to fuck up his recitation of the Pledge itself when he actually got around to reciting it/performing an abortion on the 31-word poem(?) every red-blooded American second grader can recite in his or her sleep.