Desperate Brit Government Tries PukeVertising To Curb Teen Drinking

07.08.10 Copyranter


Previously, England’s Department of Children, Schools and Families tried CuteVertising and spin-the-bottle ScareVertising. Now, the the National Health Service attempts to embarrass youngsters with fake technicolour yawns. Why the NHS thinks this will work is incomprehensible to me.

This will do nothing but make UK kids point at the teevee screen and laugh their fucking heads off. “Two drinks and she booted all over her bloody self? Five lagers and he pissed his jeans? HAHAHAHA!” The NHS also set up a website where drinking teens can download a “summer survival guide.” Yeah, tons of them will do that and show all their friends how devastatingly uncool they are. Right. By the way, searching online for vomit slang led me to “sell the Buick,” “whistle beef,” and “bark at the ants.” |Video: Brand Republic|